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What is Club Med?

Good memory of the flight to Bali

Welcome to my website! I am Jeremy, a proud father with a genuine passion for Club Med holidays and the emotions it arouses. I have created “Bienvenue au Club” with the objective of comparing the best Club Med resorts around the world and help you do the right choice.

Jeremy, Club Med enthusiast

What is Club Med?

More than a travel club, Club Med is overall a unique spirit and culture. One of the main advantages of Club Med is its all-inclusive board formula, in which everything is done in order to ensure the well-being of the guests. No bad surprise, you are completely free to schedule your day activities and program so to fully enjoy your holidays.

Who are the G.O’s® and G.M’s® ?

Those terms date back to the 50s and the creation of the first Club Med holiday villages. G.O.’s means Gracious Organizers and refers essentially to the activity leaders. Similarly, the G.M’s are the Great Members, in other words, all the Club Med guests.

What can I expect from the all-inclusive board formula?

Club Med offers an all-inclusive board formula in which bedrooms, entertainment, sport & leisure activities and meals & snacks in the overall price paid at the moment of booking.

What can I expect to spend once in the Village?

When you are enjoying your holidays in a Club Med Village, kindly note some services can have an additional fee and increase the final amount on your bill. Those services are the excursions listed in your “Espaces Découvertes”, the well-being treatments (spa, beauty, hair), as well as some sport activities.

Of course, all the purchases made in the village shops are not included in the overall price of your stay.

Each village will provide you with a listing of facility and services at the moment of reservation, so you can already take into account possible additional fees in your holiday budget, for these specific activities.

Are activities mandatory?

Club Med offers an impressive range of activities for all the G.M’s. However, there is absolutely no obligation on them to participate. Each member can choose the activities and/or programs that suit him/her best.

What are check-in and check-out times in the Village?

Check-in and check-out times depend on your Club Med and the formula you have chosen.

For week-end getaways and one-week stays, in sunny and/or mountains destinations, check-in time is between 3 and 8 pm (the bedroom is ready in the afternoon). Check-out time at the end of the stay is 9 am, but you can enjoy the village facilities until 3 pm on departure day.

If you stay in a chalet, kindly note check-in and check-out times are a bit more limited, whatever the duration of stay is. Check-in time is between 5 and 8 pm, with the bedrooms directly available within that time frame. Check-out time at the end of the stay is 9 am, but you can enjoy the village facilities until 5 pm on departure day. However, be informed that in some specific circumstances, those hours can be modified.

What kind of kids equipment are available in Club Med Villages?

The Club Med with Kids Club & Childcare are fully equipped to welcome children of all ages.

BABY WELCOME® (from 0 to 23 months)

The accommodations are equipped with baby cots, baby bathtubs, bottle warmer and changing mat to ensure you and your children a comfortable stay.

BABY CORNER (from 4 to 23 months)

The restaurants are equipped with high chairs or booster seats, sugary or salty baby food and baby food utensils.

Kindly note Club Med does not provide nappies or milk.

Should I bring my kid’s stroller?

Baby strollers and carriers are obviously allowed in all Club Med vacation villages. However, please make sure your stroller is accepted during your travel, especially if there is a flight involved. If the flight is not full and the stroller can be folded (folded dimensions must not exceed 15 cm x 30 cm 100 cm), then you can carry it onto the plane. In any case, all strollers, whatever their type and/or dimensions, can be checked as additional piece of luggage.

Please note that Club Med with Kids Club and Childcare are able to provide strollers when needed (upon availability).

Are Club Med pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, if you are lucky enough to own a pet, kindly note your small companion won’t be able to join you during your stay. Indeed, for health and safety reasons, Club Med is not able to accept pets of any kind in its resorts (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, …).

However, guide dogs can be admitted under the conditions that they are accepted by the airline company during the journey and that no quarantine will be imposed in the host country.

What items are not allowed during air travel?

Airlines companies apply very strict restrictions when it comes to passengers and luggage transportation. Each airline set up its own rules, although some of them are quite similar: items prohibited both in carry-on and checked bags (weapons, sharp objects, explosives, chemicals and toxic substances), liquid containers no larger than 100 mL in carry-on bags, lithium batteries prohibited, …. Please check with your airline and the country of destination.

Also, make sure to double-check the allowed number of suitcases per person, as well as the weight and dimensions restrictions for both carry-on and checked luggage.

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