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The Choice of Club Med Holidays

There are currently more than 70 Club Med holiday resorts operating around the world, and more are to come in the next few years…

Some of them host the biggest international and French celebrities, whereas some others are just lesser-known Club Med resorts.

While the famous “trident” brand is still a guarantee of quality, how to find your bearings and make sure you are doing the right choice?

When returning from each of my Club Med holidays, I always make sure to write down the positive and negative aspects regarding essential criteria such as:

  • Environment
  • Bedrooms
  • Food & Beverages
  • All-inclusive
  • Quality-price ratio
Good memory of the flight to Bali

Welcome to my website! I am Jeremy, a proud father with a genuine passion for Club Med holidays and the emotions it arouses. I have created “Bienvenue au Club” with the objective of comparing the best Club Med resorts around the world and help you do the right choice.

Jeremy, Club Med enthusiast

What to Expect with Club Med Holidays?

What makes Club Med holidays so different from other holidays?

The goal of life is to be happy. The time to be happy is now. And the place to be happy is here.

Gérard Blitz, Founder of Club Med

More than a travel club, Club Med is overall a unique spirit and culture.

One of the main advantages of Club Med is its all-inclusive board formula, in which everything is done in order to ensure the well-being of the guests.

No bad surprise, you are completely free to schedule your day activities and program so to fully enjoy your holidays.

Gracious Organizers and Employees live alongside you to answer all of your needs and ensure you the highest-end experience.

But Club Med also characterizes itself as an exceptionally-friendly atmosphere in which everyone can find his/her place.

The programs and activities allow you to meet new people and enjoy the unique and festive spirit of Club Med villages. 

With a presence in more than 40 countries, Club Med gives you the opportunity to explore new cultures and broaden your horizons while meeting people from all over the world.

👉 Most Recommended Resorts for Club Med Holidays

#Club MedBest For
1. KaniThe Club is located on a private-resort island covered in lush tropical vegetation.
2. GregolimanoA truly breathtaking setting for an unforgettable family vacation.
3. BaliSurrounded by a huge 18-acre park, a whole world of pure luxury and sophistication.
4. CancúnA magnificent setting of crystal-clear warm waters, giant turtles and coral reef.
5. Bintan IslandPristine beaches and unspoiled landscapes only a few miles away from the bustling and cosmopolitan Singapore.

The story of a Travel Club which marked its era

This is the story of a man – Gérard Blitz –, who decided, at the end of the Second World War, to make his dream come true: creating a holiday resort where everyone can meet, gather and share together with no differences of any kind.

After the opening of the first Club Med village in Alcúdia (Mallorca), the new holiday concept experiences a rapid expansion, with another village in Corfou (Greek Islands), followed by another one, and another one,…until we lost count.

The villages grow all over Europe over the 50’s.

The success of Club Med (Club Méditerranée) lies in the activities it offers to the guests, with luxury and unusual sport activities such as water skiing or scuba diving.

Music and entertainment also play a great part in Club Med success, as concerts and evening shows are often organized at the Clubs.

In the 80’s, the cult comedy “French Fried Vacation” (Les Bronzés in French) also enhanced its global reputation, starring Club Med as the only holiday resort worldwide.

Several men to lead the Club Med expansion

The history of Club Med is marked by the aura and the management of different men leaders.

In 1954, Gérard Blitz gets together with Gilbert Trigano, who will become nine years later CEO of the company.

In 1966, Trigano decides to enter the stock exchange market.

Under Trigano’s leadership, Club Med will experience a tremendous international expansion which would convert it into the leading and successful global travel company it is today.

As Gérard Blitz had gradually taken some distance with the management of the company, Gilbert Trigano also jumped ship in 1993, leaving the position to his son Serge, who would try during 4 years to enhance the Club brand image.

Serge Trigano is then replaced by Philippe Bourguignon, who will set a new course to the company strategy.

During his leadership, he will improve the brand image of the company, give a modern touch to the holiday villages and extend the whole portfolio of services.

This fruitful strategy will result in a significant increase in the company stock’s price.

At the beginning of the 2000s, in the early stage of the tourism industry crisis, Henri Giscard d’Estaing (son of the French former president) becomes CEO of the company.

He therefore began Club Med shift up-market, with a radical brand repositioning into the luxury industry.

The villages are being renovated and upgraded according to this new high-end positioning, while the initial concept of togetherness is progressively being abandoned.

A curated and polished brand image

From its creation, the Club Med is incarnated by its iconic emblem, the Trident, symbol of the God Poseidon, God of the Sea.

During its process of internationalization, the brand has used different logos combining different representations of the Trident.

In 1998, the symbol is standardized in all its versions and the new visual identity of the brand is promoted through a massive advertizing campaign.

The Tridents replace the traditional star-rating system which is commonly in use in the tourism industry (hotel & restaurant) and reflect the standards of quality and service in each of the holiday villages.

It goes from 3Ψ (tridents) to 5Ψ (tridents) for the most luxurious.

Club Med Holidays/Club Méditerranée logo since 1950!

Club Med’s unique concept

Club Med has been able to create the difference with a unique concept and spirit.

As a pioneer in the field of holiday villages, the company immediately enjoys the fad effect it generates and is easily remembered. 

1. Club Med is a concept of all-inclusive vacation

Meaning that for one fixed amount of money, guests enjoy a holiday in which bedrooms, meals & snacks, sport & leisure activities and all entertainment for kids and adults are included in the overall price!

2. Club Med offers a deeply fulfilling holiday experience to the whole family

The Club takes care of kids with unique and personalized activities for them, while parents enjoy all the sport, wellness and leisure facilities offered by those big vacation villages.

3. Club Med provides memorable feelings of well-being to all its guests

Club Med also stands out from competitors through the creation of a unique language: at Club Med, there is a nickname for everyone.

Club Med on-site resort team is therefore called Gentils Organisateurs (G.O.) or Gentils Employés (G.E.), whatever their positions. As per the guests, they are called Gentils Membres (G.M.).

A Club Med Pass allows the members to make their purchase in the villages shops.

Loyalty is also rewarded through the Club Med Great Members rewards program.

G.O. Club Med

Club Med Resorts all over the world

Club Med currently operates around 70 holidays resorts all over the world: Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia), Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal and Turkey), Asia (China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand), Americas (USA, Brazil, Mexico), Indian Ocean and West Indies.

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to discover some dream destinations such as Mauritius Islands, Maldives, Greek Islands, and many others islands.

The company also owns a luxury cruise ship, Club Med 2, which offers different routes.

Besides its vacation villages, Club Med is building and promoting private villas for rent: Albion Villas in Mauritius and Finolhu Villas in Maldives.

The villas concept has also been launched in French Alps, with Valmorel Chalets.

Club Med has therefore developed a unique concept in which vacation go with peace and serenity, but its founder, Gérard Blitz, is the best at describing it:

The goal of life is to be happy. The time to be happy is now. And the place to be happy is here.

Gérard Blitz, Founder of Club Med

Club Med, this is a place fulfilled with memorable experiences holiday-makers are dying to discover.

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